Monday, 19 April 2010

Studio Sneak Peek!

Hi! I feel like I haven't posted in a while, and since there have been a lot of delays on the fabric I'm printing, I thought I'd post this sneak peek into the fibres studio at University where I do a lot of my work :)

Here we have the main part of the studio. Most of the sewing, printing and general activity goes on here.

As you can see, art students are very messy creatures. In the right of this picture is our very own mini reverse garbage and to the left is the felting area.

This is part of the laundry and paper-making area.

Our technical officer, Giselle, is really lovely and helpful. She makes beautiful felt jewelery, you can find her here:

As for the progress on my fabric print, here's a picture of my washed and ready to go screen taken last Tuesday (this screen now has a design on it ready to print).

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Will hopefully have my next design, Strawberry Skies Forever, up soon!

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  1. nice dressmaker scissors ^^
    i lost mine T_T

    thats a really big studio!!! I wanna work there :P