Saturday, 8 May 2010

I'll Be Your Host.

I was helping a first year class in the photography studio on Thursday and one of my friends snapped these. I made this dress from a curtain a couple of weeks ago with the Morigirl aesthetic in mind. I'd really love to design more clothing for this style, but I always feel that it's a style that doesn't need designers or brands, because it's better if everyone looks different and unique.

Someone posted a wonderful quote about morigirl the other day which I will leave you with...

"..because Mori Girl is not about a new trend or a trend from the past, it is simply about what YOU like and how you look with precaution to the clothes you like, there is no right answer about Mori Girl."


  1. I love your pictures and the dress is beautiful =DD!

  2. pretty dress and nice photos :3