Monday, 16 August 2010

Sugar Hero - Stock Photos!

At long last my (amateur) stock photos for Sugar Hero!
I hope these make it easier to see the print! :)




Pre-orders will open in about 10 days! I will be making a post about pre-orders here, on my LJ journal, and tumblr 24 hrs BEFORE egl_sales_comm! Numbers are VERY limited so if you're interested watch this space or follow my tumblr :3

x Manon Marguerite


  1. Hello! I think your work is really cute, and thought I'd give you some tips for photographing your creations - try to use natural light, and lots of it. Artificial light is fine, just not as good. Use flash, then use brighten (you will become addicted to this function, I love it), saturate and contrast in photoshop to bring out the colour and detail to accurately depict how it looks in real life. Also, I think that when yo photograph the back of the dress, you should include a photo with the bow untied so people can see the back properly :) Hope you don't mind the con-crit!

  2. I have a quick question about the pre-order. Is it for the dress made out of this fabric or the fabric itself?

  3. Hi Megan, it's for the dress itself, there will also be a skirt version. :)

    @Saffron Sugar, thanks for the advice :)

  4. What color's will the dress be in?

  5. "What color's will the dress be in?"

    The first release came in pinkxwhite, pinkxblack and mintxblack, however I won't be taking orders for either of the black colourways anymore. It can also come in mintxwhite


  6. I just have to say seeing how nicely your garments are made and all the thought you obviously put into your designs are very inspiring to me especially since I hope to one day being do something very similar!

  7. thank you <3 I really hope you can realise your dream too :)