Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Hi guys!

Just a quick update regarding the status of Strawberry Skies at the present, it's great!
Sugar Hero pre-orders have closed and the response was great! Thanks to everyone who orders, and everyone who supported me in releasing my first print! <3

In other news, the prototype fabric for my next print Strawberry Space Rangers is in the mail! Photos will be up sometime next week or the week after (fingers crossed!). Will be updating with previews of this print very soon!

I'm also applying for my first solo show, it will be at my universities student gallery so please wish me luck in being selected! I'll definitely be inviting any lolitas and fashion lovers in the area to come along to the opening night should it eventuate, so keep your eyes out for more updates regarding this!

And a quick note for any lovers of morigirl style, I co-maintain the ohyeamorigirl tumblr blog, so please follow us! (

I hope everyone is having a good week!
x Manon Marguerite

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  1. if you do a another reorder for this print, i would totally be interested in a jsk and headbow.