Wednesday, 12 January 2011

"Strawberry Style" first post!

Hi everyone! *^O^*

Welcome to the first post of 'Strawberry Style'! Strawberry Style is my new regular post which will be dedicated to fashion tips, tutorials and outfit posts all so you can acheive that Strawberry look! These post will include new and upcoming Strawberry Skies products, so look forward to a lot of pretty previews!

So you want to be a Polka-dot Princess?

Polka-dots can be found on just about everything - from minnie-mouse toys to bikinis to wallpaper - and lolitas are no exception! While the history of Polka-dots is shady (some saying it come from the polish 'Polka' music and others saying it was the 1960s hit Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini) their popularity is rivaled only by stripes and I have to admit, I think the spots any number of times cuter!

Polka-dots have been a consistent theme in Lolita clothing for years and they come in all colours and sizes. From huge black and white polka-dotted cardigans to detail on a parasol to a heart-shaped and pink, the possibilities are endless. Some of my favorite unique spotty pieces are...

Metamorphose's High Waist Babydoll JSK (Polkadot)

(c) Metamorphose 2009

Angelic Pretty's Heart Polkadot Knit Cardigan

(c) Angelic Pretty 2009


Chocomint's 2 Way Dotty Clip

(c) Chocomint 2010

There are also awesome Polka-dot things to put your lolita in! Like this adorable hat box from Baby Ribbon

(c) Baby Ribbon 2010

Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm an avid fan of polka-dots (if you haven't figured it out already that is >.-) and if I had my way, everyday would be a polka-dot day. That's why I was so excited to complete a design I'd been thinking about for a while, the Polka-dot Princess JSK. Ever since I finished this JSK, I just can't stop coming up with great ways to coordinate it! Here's my first outfit with it and a little bit of Lavender!

With it's velvet bodice, velvet waist-ribbon, matte satin underskirt, tulle over-skirt and oh-so-cute polka-dot lining, Polka-dot Princess is quickly becoming one of my favorite dresses!

Polka-dots are easy to coordinate and make your outfits look fantastic, classy and interesting. When creating an outfit with polka-dots, I find it's best to match with solid colours rather than other patterns and try to stick to 3-4 colours!

So, what do you think of polka-dots? Love them or hate them? And do you have a favorite piece of dotty clothing?

xx Manon Marguerite

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