Monday, 14 February 2011

Strawberry Style - Pink Collar Worker!

One of the things I love in fashion coordinates is detachable collars. These fantastic fasnion accessories date back to C. 1300 and since then have been made in just about every imaginable style, from stand-up to turnover styles and lace to fur. Whether it's an adorable glittery peter-pan collar from Nile Perch or stylish black ruffle from Alice and the Pirates, detachable collars can really add something to your outfit that other neck accessories can't so they're a great way to spice up whatever you're wearing!

While the detachable collar is possibly more closely associated with Morigirl, Cult Party-kei and Dolly-kei, they work really well with just about any style, including Lolita, Fairy-kei and Otome. One of my favourite taobao shops, the Gura Project does a fantastic range of collars, from simple and cute to wild and quirky, I love their designs!

(c) Gura 2011

While these unique collars are cool, simpler styles work really well too, especially for evenings out or a toned-down coordinate. Here I am wearing a Strawberry Skies Fur Collar:

I love this collar to bits as it works well with so many different outfits and is perfect for summer nights. It's great for a classy look and if I want something a bit different, I have fun pinning on lace, ribbons and brooches to give it a unique look!

So, how do you feel about the detachable collar look? Are you a fan or do you prefer your collars attached?

Also! A quick heads up that Strawberry Space Rangers pre-orders will open tomorrow! I hope you're all as excited as I am! And coming soon I'll have more posts about Shopping in Tokyo and some previews of new designs ♥

xx Manon Marguerite

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