Monday, 7 February 2011

Strawberry Style - Valentines day!

Checking in from Toyko! ♥ How is everyone? I'm sorry it's taken me such a long time to make a post but today I'll be talking about Valentines Day!

Japan will take any excuse for a holiday or celebration and St. Valentines Day (2.14) is no exception! I used to think the shoujou manga girls slaving away over a hot stove to make handmade chocolate for their loved one were just an exaggeration, but apparently not! Love is in the air here in Japan, from shops to magazines to television shows, there's no escaping it! Lucky Japanese men receive 'Honmei Choco' or 'True Feeling Chocolate' from their girlfriends, admirers and wives, which is often handmade. Many men also receive 'Giri Choco' (obligation chocolate) from their co-workers and female friends, which is usually store bought and not so expensive.

Just to show the extent of their love, the Shibuya branch of Loft has dedicated an entire floor to Valentines day. Here's a photo of one of their stands:

So what of all these hearts? Well, it's inspired me to put more love into my outfits in the lead-up to Valentines Day. I'm really enjoying wearing hot pinks and red to give my outfits a more romantic feel. You can try experimenting with heart shaped accessories and prints too! Like these adorable clips from Chocomint:

(c) Chocomint 2010

Or this oh-so-cute long-sleeve T from the MILK x UniQlo collection! I actually couldn't resist buying this T-Shirt yesterday and can't wait to wear it *^O^*

(c)Milk, UniQlo 2010

So! Will you also be spicing up your wardrobe with hearts in the lead-up to Valentines day? And will you be giving 'honmei' or 'giri' choco? ♥ ♥


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