Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Casual Mori Girl!

As a co-maintainer of Oh Yeah Mori Girl, a not-so-secret fashion love of mine is the gorgeous mori-girl style! Mori is soft, comfortable and perfect for the coming cardigan-weather months. As many of you will already know, Mori-Girl is all about texture, neutral colours, natural fibres and layering!

Look at this picture perfect mori-girl who was featured in FRUiTs!


This style is absolutely adorable, but the lack of structure isn't for everyone. As for me, I'm obsessed with colour coordinating and 'neat' outfits, so while I love mori-girl, I can never seem to get this thrown-together, foresty look! I'm probably not alone in this, coming from a lolita background and being used to 'rules', so I thought I'd show everyone how to get a casual mori-girl look to get used to the style.

Here I'm wearing the Transformer Dress I made almost a year ago! This dress is so comfortable, versatile and perfect for mori. As I said before, Mori is all about texture and natural fabrics, so to get the look try choosing clothing that is in muted tones, like tan, white, dusky pink, cream and go for lots of texture - the more the better!

Layering is still important but you can keep it simple to two or three layers and use other accessories such as pinned on lace or pretty scarves to add to your layered look! Leather bags, brass jewellery and lacy stockings are all great for this look too!


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