Monday, 21 March 2011

Strawberry Style - Get Woolly

It's autumn at last here in the land of Oz and that means my knitting needles have come out of hiding and are ready for action. Recently, I've been seeing so many adorable accessories and clothes made from knitting and crochet perfect for autumn and winter. Woollen clothes can really add to your coordinate with their great textures and cute colours!

Check out this adorable coordinate by one of the Spank! girls, her striped pastel scarf really makes the outfit!

(c) spank!

And if you're more into crochet, here's me wearing a typical crochet afghan as a shawl:

Both knitting and crochet have come in and out of fashion since their origins, dating back to the 16th and 19th centuries respectively. Knitting saw a particularly large come-back in the 50s and 60s due to the introduction of acrylic fibres and new colours. It then declined in the 80s (but that never stops the adorable pop-kei girls from rocking it) but has since become popular again, with the emergence of knitting pod-casts, knitting zines and 'yarn-bombing'.

Crochet and knitting are fantastic for large pieces, but they can be used creatively in smaller accessories too. Enna Designs, makes the CUTEST crochet rings and other accessories using colourful yarns, ribbons and little beads.

Not only does Emi from Enna Designs create such beautiful and detailed jewellery, she is also being extremely generous in light of the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan. 100% of proceeds from all items purchased from her store to the American Red Cross! So don't hesitate to check out her shop!

Also, a reminder that the Strawberry Skies fundraiser auction ends in 3hrs time! So far over $400 has been bid and I want to say how extremely grateful I am to everyone who had bid so far!

xx Manon Marguerite

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