Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Strawberry Style - She's a Barbie Girl!

Every little girl has their vice, My Little Pony, Polly Pocket, Star Castles - mine was Barbie. Barbie was first released on March 9th 1959, and in her 52 years of existence she has had over 60 different careers from princess to paleontologist and flight attendant to firefighter. There aren't many girls I know who don't love Barbie, and after a small decline in popularity, she is making a sudden comback in fashion and accessories.

Recently, so many gorgeous Barbie label bags, t-shirts and other accessories have been popping up in Japanese street snaps and as a Barbie lover, I can't look past this trend so I decided to jump aboard and design my very own Barbie Princess JSK.

I made this JSK with an ex-Barbie-bed-spread, the fabric is so pretty, with sparkles, wands, roses and ballet shoes - perfect for lolita! I just love Barbie's shade of pink too!

You probably remember this JSK in the Exhibition Shoot, but I thought I'd try a different coordinate, this time with my new favourite colour - Lavender.

So are you a Barbie girl? And would you be interested in your very own vintage Barbie JSK?


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