Sunday, 12 June 2011

Celebration Cult Party!

The term 'Cult Party Kei' is often heard around the place and while the style is gaining popularity, a lot of us are still confused as to what it's all about! So, what is Cult Party Kei? Where did it come from? And What does the Virgin Mary have to do with it?

Cult Party Kei originally comes from the vintage store 'Cult Party' in Koenji, Tokyo. While the style is similar to that of Dolly-kei, originating from the Grimoire store, Cult Party Kei tends to use more muted colours with one or two bright 'pop' colours as a theme or focus, this colour is more often than not red. Like Dolly-Kei, Cult Party Kei is characterised by layering of garments, creating a soft, flowing and somewhat thrown together effect. The style tends to use lighter fabrics than Dolly-Kei and for this is often confused with the Mori Girl. Some popular characteristics of the style include pop-culture themed accessories, stuffed toys, vintage nightgowns, rocking horse shoes, red crosses, messy hair and religious symbols.

The Virgin Mary store in Harajuku is Cult Party 2.0. I've been asked before 'Is Cult Party Kei religious?' and my answer would be - you certainly don't need to be religious to dress in it! While I'm not aware of the Cult Party and Virgin Mary shop owners and staff's personally beliefs, Cult Party Kei is a fashion style first and formost. While religious symbols can play a large role in the style, they are not necessary and are often portrayed in an extremely 'kitsch' way. Similarly to Lolita, there are those who simply enjoy the fashion and those who enjoy both the fashion and the lifestyle.

So why are we talking about this anyway? Well it's an introduction to my new blog 'OH YEAH CULT PARTY' dedicated to Cult Party Kei. After discovering the style about six months ago, I've fallen head-over-heels for it and as a maintainer of 'Oh Yeah Mori Girl', I thought 'why isn't there a blog dedicated to Cult Party! I want to see that!' and decided to make one.

Here are some quick pictures of my wearing the style:

The Skirt is a new design I'm thinking of releasing, I just need to get the waist-band perfect! Here's a little preview:

If you're interested in Cult Party Kei, click through to see more of the style!

Coming Soon Strawberry Skies 'World Fair' print release!

xx Manon Marguerite

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