Thursday, 21 July 2011


Hi Everyone! How are you?

SMASH! Last weekend was an absolute Blast! The fashion panel was really fun and it was great to see all the different styles of Lolita being represented! As you know from my previous post, my style was Hime Lolita! It was the first time I'd attempted full Hime Lolita, so it was definitely a lot of fun! And much more pink than I would usually wear, but now I think I'm a little addicted!

Here are some shots of my outfit!

Photo (c) Victoria Rose

The Star Hime JSK will be available to order from my new webshop, opening in a couple of weeks ♥ As will the adorable fur bow and collar I'm wearing! My accessories are from Pink Hime, an amazing Hime Gal brand which is now available to order through Electric Alice!

Hope everyone is well ♥ The pre-orders for World Fair went fantastically! Thank you to everyone who ordered a piece and supported the design! *^O^*

xx Manon Marguerite

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