Sunday, 23 November 2014

Tutorial - Sweater Re-Make ..。o○☆ *:.

Hi darlings! 

Today I will show you how to re-make an old sweater into a new and cute design! There will be two variations~ I hope you enjoy the tutorial! 


The sweaters I used for this project were printed on with original Ancco designs from her recent Solo exhibit at Rocket Gallery! 
You can check out more information about it on my other blog "Craftea in Tokyo" here ~! This blog is all about craft and art events in Tokyo! 


Let's start! 

These are the two variations of this tutorial~! Please follow steps A for the shoulder ruffle sweater and steps B for the hem ruffle. Un-marked steps are for both sweaters! 

1. Choose your sweater! 

2.  If you don't like the neckline, cut it to suit. 
Mine had a strange turtle neck thing which I decided to cut off. 

3. Put the sweater on and pin where you would like the hem to sit. Cut approximately 1cm (1/2") under this. 

4. Now that you have your sweater cut out, it's time to use the scrap pieces! Measure some strips (the width of your choice, mine were about 8cm / 3") and cut them out. 

5A. Cut your strip to a length of around 30-40cm (12-16") and pin it down the shoulder seam at regular intervals with the right sides together. 

6A. Carefully stitch down the strip, ruffling as you sew

7A. Fold the frill back over the shoulder (the right way) and top stitch. Once this is done, you may also like to trim the strip under the arm so that it is more narrow at the bottom.

Now you're done!

5B. Make a loop of fabric strips by sewing the right sides of the ends of strips together. 

6B. Pin the loop of fabric to the hem of your sweater at regular intervals, right sides together. 

7B. Sew down the strip, ruffling as you sew between pins

8B. Top stitch or hem the frill if you like and you're done! 


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial~! 


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