Marguerite in Strawberry Skies is an indie clothing label providing quality garments cute as strawberries! Strawberry Skies aims to achieve an adorable look we like to call 'Strawberry Style' which draws much inspiration from Japanese street fashions such as Lolita, Fairy-Kei and Mori-Girl.
Currently, Strawberry Skies works on a pre-order basis, where designs are released then ordered prior to being made.
All garments are lovingly made by the designer, Manon Marguerite, who considers quality throughout her work, presentation and service, as the top priority. Manon studies Textiles and Fibre Art at the University of Newcastle in Australia and has always had a keen interest in art, sewing and design.

If you have any questions, concerns, complaints or would just like to say hello, please send an e-mail to: manon.marguerite@m-strawberryskies.com