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  1. ❤ Your Name: Meg

    ♡ Purchase: Super Berry Skirt 2010; Strawberry Space Rangers skirt 2011; World Fair skirt 2011

    ❤ Communication: 5/5
    Strawberry Skies has excellent customer service. Manon replies in a timely manner, and always keeps me updated about the progress of my order.

    ♡ Quality of items received: 5/5
    Strawberry Skies products are of superb quality. A lot of thought goes into the design, and the seamstressing is perfect. Every skirt I own is as good if not better than Angelic Pretty and other lolita brands. The prints are always nice a clear.

    ❤ Shipping: 5/5
    SS only ever charges the real costs of shipping, and post items in a timely manner.

    ♡ Overall experience: 5/5
    Always a pleasure!

    ❤ Additional comments: I love my Strawberry Skies skirts, because of the time and effort that goes into their unique and quirky designs. While other brands tend to go around in circles with their prints, Strawberry Skies pioneers forward with something different every time.

    World Fair is my favourite lolita skirt because of its a combination of colours (mint x pink) and the steampunk design is unique and easy to coordinate.

    I am a pretty serious daily wear lolita (with way too much Angelic Pretty) and my Strawberry Skies items are at the front of my lolita wardrobe! They are super cute and perfect for any kind of day.

    The materials used are always nice and light for hot Australian weather. Manon is lovely to deal with, and as been very helpful in adjusting the skirt measurements to suit my waist, and to my preferred length.

    I look forward to seeing more designs in the future!

  2. ❤ Your Name: Jeni
    ♡ Purchase: Space Print (Multi) 2011

    ❤ Communication: 5/5, always quick to reply to my questions and excellent at keeping me informed of what's going on with my purchase.
    ♡ Quality of items received: 5/5, I was blown away by the print quality and the construction is definitely on par with my brand pieces from Innocent World.
    ❤ Shipping: 5/5, very reasonable shipping from Australia to Virginia, US, and it arrived very quickly to boot!
    ♡ Overall experience: 5/5, simply could not be happier with everything. Manon was patient with me when I asked to wait to pay my final installment due to a family emergency, and she was incredibly considerate to begin with by including to bows as an apology for the first batch of multi-print fabric being flawed (hence a longer wait time).
    ❤ Additional comments: This is going to be my most-worn piece and is already my favorite. Everything about it, from the print to the construction is flawless. As a physics major, the space print skirt is perfect for when I have to give presentations or introduce lecturers, and I'm sure it'll get nothing but compliments. Can't wait to see what else she comes out with!

  3. ❤ Your Name: Ria
    ♡ Purchase: Nebula Skirt

    ❤ Communication: 5/5 Excellent! She kept me up to date when there was a delay in the fabric production and always promptly replied to all my queries.
    ♡ Quality of items received: 5/5
    ❤ Shipping: 5/5
    ♡ Overall experience: 5/5
    ❤ Additional comments: She offered me a free headpiece when there was a delay with the skirt. The skirt was also too big, but she offered to fix it and promptly replied to all my messages. Excellent service, she's fantastic! I would highly recommend Strawberry skies.

  4. ❤ Your Name: Khema
    ♡ Purchase: Nebula JSK Multi colour way

    ❤ Communication: 5/5 Always prompt and I was appropriately updated.
    ♡ Quality of items received: 5/5 The print itself is absolutely beautiful on good fabric. It is also ridiculously comfortable and fits perfectly! Construction-wise I am also very satisfied, everything is well sewn and seems it will stand the test of time well.
    ❤ Shipping: 5/5 Received in person from the lovely Pie~
    ♡ Overall experience: Most happy~! ^^
    ❤ Additional comments: Due to the delay in printing the multi nebula, I was also given 2 bows which were also well made and very cute! Every wearing of this dress has received nothing but compliments, in comfort! I feel this product was well worth the money I spent on it (especially considering it was made to measure). I would definitely recommend Strawberry Skies and can't wait for future releases~

  5. ❤ Your Name: Amanda Vallejo
    ♡ Purchase: nebula jsk in blue

    ❤ Communication: 5/5 very prompt emails sent back and forth, very polite!
    ♡ Quality of items received: 5/5 Beautiful, very durable cotton used with high quality printing. The dress was made with a comfortable slip and perfect shirring.
    ❤ Shipping: 5/5 arrived quickly for an international item and was packaged very well.
    ♡ Overall experience: 5/5
    ❤ Additional comments: Thank you very much!

  6. ❤ Your Name: Nicole Tremain
    ♡ Purchase: Nebula skirt in multi

    ❤ Communication: 5/5 always replied quickly!
    ♡ Quality of items received: 5/5 the fabric is really lovely and the print looks amazing! The bow was also padded to help keep in shape
    ❤ Shipping: Well..I can't say too much about shipping since I picked it up!
    ♡ Overall experience: Amazing :D
    ❤ Additional comments: Since there was a delay I got the headbow I had ordered free, which was nice. Thank you, Manon! I'd really love to buy from SS again!

  7. ❤ Your Name: Jessica

    ♡ Purchase: Sugar Hero regular JSK in pink, Super Berry collared JSK in blueberry, Nebula high-waisted JSK in multi

    ❤ Communication: 5/5 - Manon has always responded to queries very quickly and keeps me updated on the status of the garments.

    ♡ Quality of items received: 5/5 - I love that I've always been able to wash the Strawberry Skies dresses I've bought without any problems. The material is also really comfortable to wear, and easy to iron. The laces she used in the Sugar Hero and Super Berry dresses were nice and soft, and didn't overtake the dresses. The dresses are all lined with back-shirring, and Sugar Hero and Super Berry have waist-ties which are of a very high quality.
    The effort and quality Manon puts into her work always amazes me; I find it to be better than a lot of factory-made garments I've bought because she has the time to pay attention to small details, such as really neat seams.

    ❤ Shipping: 5/5 - I received all of the items in person, on time, and beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with business cards or a brand-tag.

    ♡ Overall experience: 5/5 - Manon is always extremely pleasant to communicate with, and purchasing her items is a wonderful feeling because I love to be able to support local designers. There were some issues with my Nebula headbow arriving via post, so Manon very kindly provided another one should it not turn up. Customer service at Strawberry Skies is outstanding.

    ❤ Additional comments: It is really nice to have access to unique and well-constructed clothing. Strawberry Skies has a fantastic vision and concept, and I really look forward to what Manon has planned for the future.